February 24, 2024

Overview of press stamping technology

  • What is an iron-on picture?

Iron on vinyl is a technology that prints gaudy patterns or textual matter designs on heat-sensitive adhesive film, and then pastes the pattern onto items of different materials through heat transfer. This applied science is characterized by being easy to learn, low cost. And put up be practical to a variety of materials.

  • Materials and tools for iron stamping

The production of iron-on pictures requires the pursuit materials and tools:

  1. Thermal adhesive film: used to print patterns or text.
  2. Thermal adhesive takes cutting machine: old to cut patterns or text into desired shapes.
  3. Thermal Transfer Machine: Heat-sensitive undefined used to transfer patterns or textual matter onto items.
  4. Thermal take knife: used for thinning film.

A hot trend revolutionizing the fashion industry: Sharing of iron on vinyl technology插图

Application telescope of iron stamping technology

  1. Garment industry: Iron on vinyl technology is widely used in the habilitate industry. Whether it is printing trademarks and brand logos, or personalization, iron stamping tin adjoin people’s needs for personalized clothing.
  2. Home ornament industry: Iron warm stamping technology put up also be old for place decoration. By applying iron-on pictures to wall in decorations, curtains, cushions and other items, you can add a unique undefined to your place environment.
  3. Gift industry: Iron stamping technology brings more creativity and choices to the gift industry. By applying iron out stamping patterns to various types of gifts, such as cups, bottles, bracelets, etc. Unique customized gifts put up be created to contact consumers’ needs for personalized gifts.


Implementation steps of iron on vinyl technology

  1. Design patterns or text: First, you need to plan patterns or text and spell them into information processing system design software. You can use professional design software or online design tools.
  2. Printing and thinning thermal adhesive agent film: Print the designed pattern or textual matter on the energy adhesive film, and use a energy adhesive shoot cutting machine to make out it into the requisite shape.
  3. Prepare the heat transfer machine: Place the energy adhesive film on the inflame transfer simple machine and set the appropriate temperature and time.
  4. Thermal transfer printing: Place the items to be pasted with patterns or text on the wake transfer machine. Work the heat-sensitive adhesive film into contact with the items. And so apply appropriate temperature and pressure.
  5. Complete the deal: After the heat transfer finishe. Remove the item from the heat transfer machine and wait a hardly a minute for the energy adhesive material film to cool and set. Then slowly tear slay the thermal adhesive film. Being careful not to tear off the pattern or text jointly when peeling it off.
  6. Ensure fixation: After completing the decal. You want to assure that the pattern or text on the thermal adhesive film can firmly fixe on the item. You tin employ a warm iron out to heat it over again to make the pattern or text sting to the token more firmly.
  7. Attention to Maintenance: To ascertain the lastingness of your decals. Attention to maintenance require. Undefined not scrub with hot water or a strong brush. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Try on to wash by hand. And avoid victimization bleach or strong acid-alkaline cleaners.


Iron stamping technology, as a simple, practical and imaginative elbow room of decoration. Has turn a warm trend in the forge industry. With proper design and construction steps. Iron out stamping can create unique and personalized decorations to meet people’s necessarily for personalized customization. Despite the challenges associated with iron-on stamping, its advantages and range of applications work it a favored method of decoration. I believe that with the continuous development of technology. Iron stamping technology will continue to create more possibilities in the fashion industry.

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