February 24, 2024

Shaved ice machine blade replacement tips: create a cool summer dessert tool插图

Blade replacement steps

  • Power off and disassemble the frost shaver: In order to ensure safe operation, you first want to cut polish off the power to the frost shaver and disassemble the casing. Pay attention to handling it with care during dismantling to avoid damaging unusual parts.
  • Locate the blade position: see the blade that needs to be replaced supported on the frost shaver model and blade position. normally the blade is located inside the ice shaving undefined of the ice shaving machine and is secondhand to trim ice cubes.
  • Lock the blade fixing screw: employ the appropriate tool to tighten up the bed fixing the blade. These screws are unremarkably located near the blade and hold the blade in aim within the shaver barrel.
  • Remove the old blade: transfer the previous vane and put it in a safe place. Be careful with the sharp disunite of the vane to keep off thinning your hands.
  • Clean the blade location: Before installment a new blade, you need to clean the blade location to check that the blade will hold securely. Use gauze or cotton cloth to wipe away debris and dirt interior the shaved frost tube.
  • Install the new blade: Place the freshly vain into position inside the ice shaving barrel, making surely the vane is aligned with the axis of the ice shaving machine. Then use the appropriate tool to tighten the screws that secure the blade.
  • Check the vane fixation: After the blade replacement is completed, you require to check the vane fixation. Gently shake the vane to make for certain it is not loose. If profligacy is found, the vane needs to be re-fixed.


Reassembly of the ice shaver:

After the blade replacement is completed. Reassemble the husk of the frost shaver and work sure that altogether screws are tightened securely.

Power-on test: Turn on the power, take up the ice shaver, and observe whether the blades are workings properly. If abnormalities are found, recheck whether the vane is installed correctly.


Blade care and precautions

  • Clean the blades regularly: After using the shaved ice machine, clean the blades and the residue in the ice barrel in time. Frost chips and dirt can be removed from the blades using a cleaning sweep or compressed air.
  • Avoid contacting the blade with hard objects: The vane is a wearing part. Avoid contacting the blade with hard objects to keep off damage or distortion of the blade. Be careful when storing and using the ice shaver.
  • Lubricate the blade bearings regularly: Use lubricating anele or cookery oil and on a regular basis employ a melt off layer of lubricating oil to the blade bearings to ensure smooth operation of the blades.
  • Pay aid to condom use: When using the ice shaver, be sure to follow the operating instructions and safety regulations. Avoid putt fingers or other objects into the shaved ice tube to keep off unintended injury.
  • Regularly check the blade wear: Check the blade wear regularly. If the vane is found to be overly tired or dull. Replace it with a new blade in clock to see to it the effect and taste of the beardless ice.


The vane is an indispensable part of the frost shaving machine. Correct blade replacement skills and blade maintenance can see to it the convention operation of the frost shaving machine and the quality of the beardless ice. I hope the content of this article can serve you and allow you to undefined refreshing shiny desserts in the hot summer! Remember to replace the blades regularly and sustain your frost electric shaver clean to make your icy desserts smoother and more delicious!

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