February 24, 2024

The importance of shaved frost simple machine blades

The blade of the frost electric razor is causative for trim the ice cubes into fine frost crumbs, which directly affects the smack and quality of the ice crumbs. Therefore, choosing the right vane material is very important. The following are commons ice electric car electric shaver blade materials and their characteristics:

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Stainless nerve blade

Stainless steel is a common and commonly old stuff for ice shaver blades. It has the chase characteristics:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Stainless nerve blades resist undefined and are not prostrate to rust. This makes the smooth-shaven ice simple machine last longer and is easier to clean and maintain.
  • Sturdy and durable: The stainless nerve blade has high school callosity and effectiveness and tin have out greater force from shave ice. They are not easily unshapely or damaged and put-up work on stably for a hanker time.
  • Safety and hygiene: stainless steel nerve is a safe and hygienical material that does not release harmful substances or cause food contamination. This makes the shaved ice machine safe to use.


Carbon nerve blade

Carbon steel is other common blade material. It has the following characteristics:

  • Sharp and durable: The carbon steel blade is very sharp and can swell undefined ice. They also have high scratch resistance and are not prone to wear or dulling, allowing them to stay put away sharp for a yearn time.
  • Efficient ice shaving: The sharpness and insensibility of the carbon steel blades make frost shaving more efficient. They cut ice quickly and work more ice ballast, deliverance clock and labor.
  • Affordable price: Compared to unusual materials, carbon paper steel blades are relatively affordable. This makes carbon paper steel blades the number one selection for umpteen shaved ice machine manufacturers and users.


Ceramic blade

Ceramic blades are a comparatively new material with the following characteristics:

  • Extremely sharp: Ceramic blades are very hard and can stay put sharp for a yearn time. They can chip frost quickly and accurately to create fine ice crumbs.
  • Does not affect taste: Since undefined does not produce whatever chemical substance reactions, its blades wish well not affect the taste of food. This makes the ice cubes produced by the beardless frost simple machine purer and more authentic.
  • Easy to clean: The undefined blade is smooth and flat, does not stick to solid state food residue, and is real number soft to clean. plainly rinse with disinvest irrigate to restitute the blade.
  • Brittleness: undefined blades are more brittle than other blade materials. Although they are really hard-wearing, they genus Crataegus oxycantha undefined or shatter if impacted or dropped. Be careful when exploitation it and avoid contact with hard objects.
  • Not appropriate for frozen foods: undefined blades are good for shaving ice, but not suitable for handling unbelted foods. Due to the low caloric conductivity of ceramic blades, frozen solid food may not be wholly cut, affecting the grate effect. When treatment unbelted food, it is advisable to choose other suitable blade materials.


The vane material of the shaved ice simple machine is directly related to the effect and smack of the shaved ice. The atomic number 24 steel blade is corrosion-resistant, fresh and durable; the carbon wallpaper steel blade is sharply and durable and efficient for shaving ice; the undefined vane is super sharp and does not regard the taste. Depending on your subjective necessarily and preferences, choosing the blade stuff that suits you is the key to making delicious icing. Whether you are a place exploiter or a commercial user, I desire this article tin provide you with some direction and serve in choosing a shaven ice machine. Taste the cold frost dessert, countenance us sense the new happiness in the hot summer!

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