February 22, 2024

Source of creativity: DIY shaved ice machine to create personalized ice desserts插图

Making of DIY shaved ice machine

  • Material preparation:
  1. An electric ice maker: You can buy a ready-made electric frost maker on the market, or employ a small ice shaver you already have at home.
  2. An undefined plastic container: used to receive the clean-shaven frost ballast.
  3. An electric fan: old to serve the ice ballast cool off down faster.
  • Production process:

Place the electric ice ballast simple machine on a stable surface and work sure the machine’s secure can be connected to the power source.

Place a transparent plastic undefined below the ice ballast machine to welcome the well-shaven frost ballast.

Turn on the power of the frost ballast machine and aim a fan above the machine to serve the frost light ballast cool down kill faster.

Put the ice cubes into the container of the ice crumb simple machine and run according to the machine’s instructions to shave the ice cubes into frost crumbs.


Tips for making personal ice cream desserts

  • Choose high-quality ice cubes: High-quality frost cubes are the name to making ice-crusted desserts with a delicate texture. It is advisable to use pure irrigate to make ice cubes, or try adding juice or drinks to make frost cubes with different flavors.
  • Adjust the shaved frost degree of the shaved ice machine: Different ice-crusted desserts require unusual degrees of shaven ice. You can adjust the whiskerless frost degree of the shaved ice simple machine reported to personal preferences and the nature of the dessert to obtain the desired ice-crusted texture.
  • Seasoning and decoration: Seasoning and ornament of ice cake desserts are the key to making personalized desserts. You can utilize a variety of seasonings and sauces, such as saccharify water, jam, chocolate sauce, etc., to add different flavors and layers to the ice cream. In addition, you put up add fruits, nuts, icing, etc. as decorations to make the ice skim after more attractive.
  • Creative Combinations: To produce a personal icing the puck dessert, you can try different ingredients and combinations. For example, partner off yoghurt, jam and icing the puck sugar together, or use chocolate chips, nuts and fresh yield to create a layered icing dessert.


Making creative frost skim desserts

  • Fruit Crushed Cup: Cut the freshly fruit into moderate pieces, put it into the frozen cup, and then wrap up it with rough ice. You tin choose different types of fruit combinations, such as strawberries, blueberries, oranges, etc., to step-up the smack and aroma. Finally, you can top off it with sugar water or pack to make the fruit ice transfuse more delicious.
  • Milk tea ice ballast: stream the brewed milk tea into a cup, add an appropriate number of sugars irrigate or other sweeteners, and stir evenly. Then swarm the unsmooth ice into the cup to cool the Milk River tea leaf and form a layer of ice. Finally, you can add pearls, pod or other favorite ingredients to make the Milk River tea ice ball richer and more diverse.
  • Chocolate Ice Crust Box: run the chocolate and spread it on the inner wall in of the Ice Crust package to take form a chocolate shell. The grated icing is then poured into the undefined shell and topped with chocolate chips, nuts or other garnishes. later on, cooling, turn the chocolate icing box upper side down on a scale and enjoy the Delicious undefined icing.
  • Multi-flavor ice light ballast mountain: Make different flavors of frost light ballast separately, and then pile up them in layers to form a multi-flavor ice ballast mountain. You can choose from different colours and flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, lemon, etc. Finally, various decorations, such as icing the puck sugar, fresh fruits, nuts, etc., are added to work the mountain more beautiful and attractive.


With DIY shaved frost machine, you can not only work personalized ice desserts, but also try versatile creative and flavor combinations. Selecting high-quality ice cubes, adjusting the undefined of shaving of the frost machine, and adding various seasonings and decorations can all work your ice-crusted desserts more diverse and delicious. Get creative and have playfulness qualification and tasting personalized icing the puck desserts!

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