In and Around Morro Bay

Morro Bay is turning out to be one of our favorite places. We did the annual bird fest again, and then stayed on to do more birding, hiking, cycling, and exploring in the area.



Birding the bay, from the comfort of our pontoon boat
Up close and personal -- Double-crested Cormorants, White Pelicans, and Harbor Seals
Cormorants and pelicans in flight View of the moros
Our hike up Poly Canyon leads to a Cal Poly architecture class project
Form and function?
On break with the Lees in Baywood Park -- at Noi's and the Audubon Overlook
Jeri Roberts introduces her friends at the Owls workshop
Black-crowned Night Herons, juvenile and adult, near Morro harbor
Blue-winged Teals in the estuary
Green-winged Teals in the estuary Belted Kingfisher at the marina
Lunch at the Bayside with premier birders Freeman and Worth